In the spring and summer of 2020, I was asked by Troika and team to contribute to the LA Rams' new in-stadium graphics package. It was of course not your average task, as the Rams were moving to awe-inspiring SoFi Stadium, which officially houses the WORLD'S LARGEST video scoreboard in professional sports: the Oculus. 
The Oculus is truly insane and downright extraordinary, tripling the size of Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys screen, which was once the biggest story amongst stadium experiences. LA's new fancy screen however is 360-feet, double-sided 4K, weighs roughly 2.2 million pounds and features 70,000 square feet of digital LED lighting. This meant that we were working and rendering at well over 11,000 pixels wide for full sized animations. 
I animated dozens of graphics that spanned in-game moments, player highlights, stat reveals, transitions, replays, logo animations, and much much more. Myself and the team delivered high energy, frenetic, yet polished graphics that I can't wait to go see in person. 
What's equally impressive about the team's effort was that the entire project was produced and delivered as COVID-19 restricted fans from attending 2020's games. With the uncertainty of the season ramping up each week, we charged forward, working remotely across multiple time zones (I'm on the east coast) under the group's steadfast direction. 
The result is a truly unique package, created during trying times, and for an unprecedentedly impressive screen that will most certainly keep fans screaming for many seasons to come.​​​​​​​

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